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Adoption Process


Thank you for considering adoption. If you are ready to take the next step in pet parenthood, please see our process below:


Step One:  Complete an adoption application for either a Dog or Cat above. 


Step Two: Complete and submit the form to Should you have any questions during this time, please feel free to email us. Please note that only complete applications with necessary documentation will be processed.


Step Three: We will review your application, set up time to discuss your needs/preferences, and conduct reference checks.


Step Four: We will schedule a home check and interview that takes approximately 20-30 minutes, talking to you about adoption and any concerns you may have.


Step Five: Once your interview is complete we will connect you with the foster parent of the pup/cat that has caught your eye and schedule a meet and greet.

Things to note:

  1. Your application must be submitted with required supporting documents.

  2. All dogs and family members in your current household must meet the prospective Animal.

  3. You must be 25 years of age to adopt.  To foster, you must be 21.


Adoption Fees

     $500: puppies up to 1 year

     $450: dogs over 1 year to 9 years

     $350: seniors over the age of 10

     $200: kittens up to 1 year

     $175: cats over 1 year 


Please note that your adoption fee goes towards covering any costs that we have already incurred prior to adoption including (but not limited to), vetting, surgery, dental procedures, transport, leash and collar purchase. Fees also help enable us to help save other animals in need.