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PupStarz Rescue is thankful for all of our wonderful Fosters!  Please note that fostering is a serious commitment.  Many animals are pulled from shelters because they have you to foster them!  If unforeseen difficulties arise with your foster pet, please contact PupStarz immediately so we can begin the search for a new foster home for your pup!


We are a volunteer only rescue that relies on donations!  Because of this, all of our funds go to dogs in need!  We ask our fosters to provide day-to-day essentials. Supplies include:

  • FOOD:  We recommend a high quality dog food, such as Blue Buffalo, Merrick, and Wellness.

  • BEDDING: Many of these pups have spent their lives in cages or outside with no bedding.  Please provide them with a comfy blanket or bed that they can call their own.

  • TREATS:  We encourage positive reinforcement and treats are one of many ways to accomplish this!

  • HARNESS/LEASH:  Collars are not acceptable. Many dogs slip out of collars!

  • POOP BAGS: No one likes to step in poop! Please clean up after your foster pup.

  • TOYS: Again, you will be surprised that many rescue dogs are not familiar with toys!  

  • STIMULATION: We recommend buying antlers and Kongs!  Filling a Kong with Peanut Butter is the perfect distractor for your pup. Antlers last a very long time and are a healthy choice for any dog. Please refrain from bully sticks and rawhide as they cause intestinal obstruction. 

  • LOVE: Show your foster pup what love is and how good it feels to be acknowledged. 



  • CARRIER: If you plan to take your foster pooch on the subway, we require them to be secured.  

  • CRATE: If you are planning on crate training your foster pup it is important to know that some dogs do not respond well to the crate. Many of our rescue dogs have spent their lives behind bars or confined in a small area.  

  • PUPPY PADS:  Some pups in the city prefer to use them. They are a great way to help potty train your foster pup!


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