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WHAT they SAY!

"After having been the parent of purebred dogs from breeders, I hadn’t even considered adoption when I was looking to give a new dog a home. While researching breeders online, I happened upon the Pupstarz website by accident, and started learning about the great rescue dogs in need of a home. It really opened my eyes and heart to the possibilities of rescue dogs and am I glad it did. I found the most perfect, loving, trained, obedient, sweet adult dog that was a perfect fit. Everyone at Pupstarz made the process amazing.

She is loving her new life and so am I!"

- Ricky L.


These guys are the real deal. Never have I met more passionate people regarding their love for pets. They made this entire adoption process so easy and it has resulted in our family having a new addition that we will love forever. The entire crew at Pupstarz was there to answer any questions pretty much at any hour of the day. It like they don’t sleep. They helped calm my nerves and helped to ensure me that I was doing the right thing.  I myself work in the hotel industry for 17 years and completely understand how far service goes. It is service that made us decide to rescue a pup through Pupstarz. It didn’t hurt that they had the cutest dogs ever but, if their service wasn’t so great right from the start, I would have gone with another rescue shelter. They truly love what they do and have provided many years of joy and happiness ahead for my family. Thanks so much for everything that you do and we will send pictures and updates along the way. If anyone has any questions regarding this A-team, please feel free to reach out to me directly at

- Matt S.


I planned on purchasing a pure bread dog but happened upon the image of a puppy on Pupstarzrescue's website.  I knew that was our dog instantly and contacted Pupstarz.  They responded almost immediately and I started the application process. This organization was professional and efficient from the minute I started the approval process all the way through pick up and adoption. I was greeted by knowledgeable, loving and professional volunteers upon pick-up of my puppy.  They knew my dog well, left me with detailed instructions and were available if I had any questions.  Fostering to adopt is a wonderful way to see if a particular dog fits with your life and family. Our family is so thankful that this organization made it possible for us to find our amazing dog.  Thank you!!!

-Heather R. 


"The initial search to adopt a dog was overwhelming. So many dogs, so many great rescue organizations. But I’m so happy we found PupStarz, and our new puppy, Luka. They were quick to respond, provided a lot of information and made the entire process easy. When our friends want to adopt, the first place we’ll send them is PupStarz."

-Brian Boye and Robert Pendilla


"I have only been in contact with the Pupstarz Rescue for a few months, and it has been nothing short of a FABULOUS experience.  This rescue absolutely takes pride in what they do, and it shows.  They "always" go out of their way to do what is in the best interest of any animal in need.  Pupstarz makes sure their pets are getting the best veterinary care, socialization, as well as arranging placement for pets in foster homes, that will be surrounded by love.  All pets are vaccinated, microchipped and spayed/neutered prior to adoption.  If for some reason an adoption does not go as well as planned, Pupstarz will without question take that pet back into their rescue for future placement elsewhere.  They stand behind all that they do and say.  I highly recommend working or adopting from this rescue, the animals welfare is their top priority."

- Sheri P.  


"PupStarz Rescue is a magical and inspiring rescue - they're responsive, compassionate and a true partner throughout the adoption process. I was new to the rescue / adoption world and PupStarz took me in with open arms and made a very stressful process enjoyable and seamless. I know I can always count on them for help and support as I become a

super momma for my Augustus!"

- Georgie A.


"PupStarz Rescue is truly inspiring. They go above and beyond to not only give the dogs the respect and love they deserve, but to not rest until they have found a home/foster for the pups. It makes me smile to know there is a rescue like this who will stand up for the critters who can't stand up for themselves. You rock PupStarz!"

- Nick G.


"Fostering from Pupstarz is a wonderful experience!  If there's ever ANYTHING I need at ALL, the gal's are just one call away, any time of day.  These volunteers are very dedicated and truly care about each and every pup.  The adoption process is a rigorous one, to ensure the pups go into the perfect home, which puts my mind at ease, as a foster.  I have worked with other companies in the past and I must say that pupstarz is my favorite!" 

- Alexis Y.


"I want to thank everyone at pupstarzrescue for allowing us to be proud parents to Bosley! He has brought joy to our family. What an amazing group of volunteers, please keep doing what your doing!" 

- Karen B.


"We are so happy and grateful to the Pup Starz Rescue Team, Rachel, Constance, Mel, Robyn, and the whole crew who made it possible for our newest family member, Percy to make his way home to us! The entire adoption process was so smooth and thorough; from the moment we saw his picture online and fell in love to the happy moment when we first met. Percy really is a “dream dog” we love him sooo much and he loves being a member of our pack. Thank you Pup Starz Rescue for making our dream come true!"

- The Graham Family, Maggie, Steve, Ethan, Amelia, Mr. Higgins, Trixie and now Percy


"Thank you Pupstarz for Kevin! He's the perfect addition to our family. You couldn't of been a nicer more helpful group of people. You made the adoption process enjoyable while still looking for good adopter/adoptee matches. I've already recommended you to my extended family who have adopted Kevin's sisters. I would adopt through Pupstarz in the future hands down!"

- Love: Lauren, Tom and Kevin


"We had a fantastic experience with Pupstarz! We found a dog we were interested in online, and they got back to us right away. Throughout the whole adoption process they were incredibly nice and attentive to our needs. They were very honest about everything and really wanted to make sure we found the dog that was right for us. We did, and he is wonderful. They even walked us through every step of the process to make sure we were prepared for everything."

- Jordan S. 


Dear PupStarz, 
After 2 years of searching relentlessly. Using petfinder the way people use Facebook. Even having breeders reach out to us with the cutest little hairless puppies....we knew we were set on rescuing but nothing ever felt right.  Then, one night I'm feeling seriously discouraged. I decide I'll do one final search before I leave for vacation and then would take a break for the next few months. Literally at that instant, Acadia's listing pops up. My heart opened up and I knew immediately I found my baby girl.  We named her Fiona and she has come SO far in the 3 days we've had her. I could not have dreamt of a more perfect fit for our family. Everyone that has met her so far is begging us not to keep her because they want her!  We will be forever grateful to you for saving her life and adding more love to our home. Everyone at PupStarz has been AMAZING to work with and have made this process so smooth and comfortable. 
Endless appreciation,
Fiona's Forever Home


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